Simple Path Farms

The simple path from farm to plate .

The simple path from farm to plate.

It’s important to us to manage the production processes starting at the hatchery.

This is how we ensure that our food is always of the highest quality, fresh and ethically sourced. We are proud to put the Simple Path Farms name on it.


Traditional Farming Practices

Our small, family farmers are encouraged to pass down traditional farming practices from generation to generation, ensuring that the knowledge gained in the barns and fields is never lost.

Growing soil

Caring For The Land & Animals

We focus on the preservation of the land and the care for the animals, and encourage the growing of livestock in areas where the feed is locally produced to help offset the carbon footprint.


Giving Back To The Community

By building a strong community of local farmers, our hope is that other small businesses and farmers in the community will also benefit.

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated.

Simple Path Farms, founded in 2005, is a food processing company that serves the grocery retail, foodservice, industrial, and co-manufacturing markets. Our plants are all CFIA federally-inspected, USDA and Halal Certified. Our community includes over 60 small Canadian family farms.

We raise organic and natural proteins, with a focus on sustainable farming. We do this because we believe that the standard in which the animal was raised, directly impacts the quality of the meat.

Our promise to our ourselves and to our customers is simple.

Simple Path Farms is committed to improving sustainable farming practices to raise the best quality meat you can eat. We do all of this while most importantly respecting the dignity of our land and our animals. Our community gives our farming families an opportunity and marketplace for smaller, local farmers to sell their products.